Samsung shows transparent 46-inch LCD panel

Jan 17, 2012
Samsung expanding transparent display market with a new 46-inch LCD panel

Samsung Electronics announced today that it is expanding the transparent display market with production of a 46-inch transparent LCD panel, beginning this month.

Younghwan Park, senior vice president of LCD marketing, Device Solutions, , said, “Transparent panels, an exciting application of next-generation technology, have unlimited potential to change our viewing habits over the next several years. As a strong supporter of the transparent display market, Samsung plans to develop this technology into a new growth engine for our LCD business.”

Samsung’s 46-inch transparent features a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 with HD (1,366x768) resolution and 70 percent color gamut.

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A 2012 CES Innovations Award honoree, Samsung’s transparent LCD panel is being produced for a wide variety of retail display applications such as product showcases, commercial freezer doors and platform doors of subway stations in North America, Europe and Asia. Also, it will be used in other applications including e-boards, information windows, medical equipment, e-signage and mobile devices.

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Samsung expanding transparent display market with a new 46-inch LCD panel

Samsung’s 22-inch transparent LCD panel, which is now being commercialized, has been well received by customers and potential customers in the mobile devices, jewelry and luxury goods sectors due to its compact size and low power consumption, in addition to its attention-grabbing display qualities.

Samsung expanding transparent display market with a new 46-inch LCD panel

According to market research firm Display Bank, the transparent display market is expected to grow from US$0.9 billion in 2015 to US$87 billion in 2025.

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4 / 5 (1) Jan 17, 2012
That's a game changer. Why buy a TV set, when you have windows?
5 / 5 (3) Jan 17, 2012
I want that on my glasses.And in my car.And on my wiskey bottles. Can't wait 'till it's comercially available
1.6 / 5 (5) Jan 17, 2012
That's a game changer. Why buy a TV set, when you have windows?

Because some color quality is lost due to transparency.

Still, as stated above, this would be an especially cool feature for public transportation and other large traffic public areas.
2.3 / 5 (3) Jan 17, 2012
They have been using a small version of it on slot machines for a few years now. It is really eye catching.
5 / 5 (1) Jan 17, 2012
It will be most useful for referencing things in context, realtime.
5 / 5 (2) Jan 18, 2012
That's a game changer. Why buy a TV set, when you have windows?

Because when I watch a movie I don't want to see the tree in front of my window in the background?

For infomation and quick interaction purposes this is a very unobtrusive design. But for entertainment/immersion you need full opacity.
not rated yet Jan 18, 2012
Antialias - What about at night when it's dark? The opacity would then be there - AND it would allow you to see the headlights of the car that was just about to crash into your house....
not rated yet Jan 18, 2012
Is the white color fully transparent or there is an alpha chanell?
I mean is it RGB or RGBA?
not rated yet Jan 18, 2012
It is not RGBA!!!
in the second video (0:21) you can clearly see that the white table is transparent. Imagine a white man in black jacket in front of black wall. LOL -> transparent head!!!
not rated yet Jan 24, 2012
Harry Potter - here we go ... !!!
2.3 / 5 (3) Jan 24, 2012
Could be nice for heads-up display in cars, or even a fold-down movie player in the back seat, which still allows the driver to see out the rear-view mirror. You could set up display cases with product info and pricing on the glass.

For windows that double as a TV screen, you could have the outer layer made of self-opacifying glass. That's getting a bit pricy though. There's also still the option of a mechanical shutter or good old fashioned mini-blinds behind the screen.

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