Is cannibalism in polar bears on the rise?

December 9, 2011 by Lin Edwards report
polar bear

( -- A series of photographs of cannibalism in polar bears have been released, and the researchers who witnessed the act think the rate of cannibalism may be increasing. They observed three instances of adult male polar bears killing and eating young cubs during summer and autumn in the Svalbard archipelago in Norway and made a series of photographs of one episode.

At the (AGU) Fall Meeting, Jenny Ross, an environmental photojournalist, presented a series of photographs of an adult male polar bear (Ursus maritimus) carrying the carcass of a young cub. Ross said the bear's behavior suggested it considered the cub to be food, and it carried the corpse in its jaws to another floe to get away from the researchers. When it was some distance away it then devoured the cub.

Dr Ian Stirling of Environment Canada, who co-wrote the paper published in the journal Arctic, said among has been witnessed before, but he said the rate of cannibalism may be increasing as the now melts earlier in the year. The primary for polar bears is seals, which they normally hunt from ice floes. The ice floes melt during summer and in some places the ice disappears altogether, making hunting for more difficult. Ross said the bears are forced to seek out other foods such as and their eggs, and human foods and waste, but these are not enough to sustain them.

Ross said cannibalism has always occurred “to some extent” and bear cubs were probably easy prey, particularly for a large male bear. She said the cannibalistic behavior may rise as hunting becomes more difficult with the climate continuing to warm in the Arctic. She also said there were increasing numbers of observations of cannibalism, especially on land among bears that had no food for extended periods.

The observation of cannibalism in polar bears is not new. A 1985 paper in Arctic listed incidents of cannibalism dating back to 1896, while a 1999 paper by Derocher and Wiig in Arctic concluded that cannibalism in polar bears “may be more common in Svalbard… because the population is close to carrying capacity or because geographic features reduce patial segregation of age and sex classes.” Hunting of polar bears in the Svalbard-Barents sea area ceased in 1956 in Russia and 1973 in Norway, which Derocher and Wiig said allowed the population to increase and reach carrying capacity.

Cannibalism has also been observed among captive polar bear populations in zoos, such as an incident in 2008 in Nuremburg zoo, in which a mother bear killed and ate her two cubs, despite being well fed. According to the president of the Kivalliq Inuit Association, Jose Kusugak, the behavior is “quite normal.”

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3.7 / 5 (10) Dec 09, 2011
" She also said there were increasing numbers of observations of cannibalism "

Right, of course there are, there's an increasing number of observers too .
2 / 5 (21) Dec 09, 2011
let me translate this pseudoscietific article

omg the bears are so desperate they eat themselves

we must surelly introduce the global co2 scam tax on breathing
so we have a new source of funding the global dollar/euro ponzi scheme

pls treehuger sheep do something fast
becaouse climategate exposed our fraud so time is short
we need to act now before rest of the sheep get the memo

ps. with regards ur slave masters

4 / 5 (16) Dec 09, 2011
Maybe we should learn from these polar bears and start eating bankers.
1.5 / 5 (16) Dec 09, 2011
@ABSOLUTE aka AK. . . . .LOL. . . .I like that "global CO2 scam tax = funding of global dollar/euro Ponzi scheme". But don't forget all those poverty stricken 3rd world countries like in Africa who want that money so that rich countries like the U.S. can pay a large wad of cash to their leaders like IDI AMIN, who probably died finally after eating the human flesh of his own people. And we're so worried about polar bears eating each other. Idi Amin is gone, but the corruption and terror lives on!! Poor Africans will have to overthrow their own corrupt leaders first if they want a better life and more food. Everything goes to the President and his staff over there, and missionaries used to be put in the big kettle, but now they're only thrown out of those countries. In African countries, the rich are rich and the poor get children. Just like here in the USA. Nothing really ever changes. . .Obama did over 1500 rounds of golf since 2009 and, how many vacations did he and Michelle take?
1.3 / 5 (13) Dec 09, 2011
Maybe we should learn from these polar bears and start eating bankers.

kaasinees. . .I've already advised Kochevnik and 2 other guys in another thread to get some live ammo and a AK-47 and exterminate George Soros because Kochevnik the Commie says that Soros is connected to the Rothschild owned Bank of England. So far, I don't think he had the guts to do it. By the time K gets the nerve to do it, Soros will die of old age first. Oh, the humanity. . .
1.3 / 5 (14) Dec 09, 2011
on another note: http://www.physor...lem.html

I figured I'd include that in to show a form of psychological cannibalism that some Physorg members practice when they disagree with some ideas from another member.
2.5 / 5 (91) Dec 09, 2011
^report abuse (But feel free to click his link! Only someone of such astounding ignorance could believe his words in that topic will help his case)

On topic:

"'The polar bears will be fine' - Freeman Dyson" - Shootist
1.2 / 5 (15) Dec 09, 2011
LOL. . . .I KNEW FrankHerbert$hithead would follow me in here, as he does in all the threads where I go. . . .I know how he finds out where I am and where I've been. . .he clicks on my user name and near the bottom is the list of threads I've gone to.
1.3 / 5 (14) Dec 09, 2011
Dayum. . . .ANOTHER thread ruined by the sudden appearance of FrankHerbert$hithead. I do wish he and his butt buddy would stop following me into every thread I go into. He doesn't like me to comment on anything cuz he thinks he be the boss of Physorg. . .LOL
2.8 / 5 (11) Dec 09, 2011
Polar bears are eating each other out of despondency from news that Canada is pulling out of the Kyoto accord. They need social workers not condemnation.
2.1 / 5 (7) Dec 09, 2011
So what if the polar bears eat themselves out? The bureauc-rats will have one less thing to worry about..and people still talking, writing, drawing and making movies about non-existent dragons, are they not?
2.7 / 5 (7) Dec 09, 2011
Let humans continue to increase population numbers without control and we will soon use up the finite resources of the planet; and we will once again be eating our babies. It has happened before, and we are on the verge of doing it again. Welcome to the Apocolypse!
4 / 5 (4) Dec 10, 2011
Dayum. . . .ANOTHER thread ruined by the sudden appearance of FrankHerbert$hithead.

Actually its you who seems to be doing this? Also adding the word $hithead to the end of his name is irritating and immature of you ( i am assuming your age is not below sixteen ). And on a final note changing an S to a $ is not clever.

On topic i agree with issac that one good reason for this observed rise may be more to do with there being more people there. Pointing out that this behavior is not nessasarily just triggered by hunger a was observed in a certain zoo
3 / 5 (12) Dec 10, 2011
Dayum. . . .ANOTHER thread ruined by the sudden appearance of FrankHerbert$hithead. I do wish he and his butt buddy would stop following me into every thread I go into. He doesn't like me to comment on anything cuz he thinks he be the boss of

And the rest of us, Potty Mouth, wish that you would choke on your own bile.

In case you missed it, very many of your similar and numerous puerile posts are now removed from another thread here. It is my hope that you continue to push the envelope to the point of being banned.
1 / 5 (5) Dec 10, 2011
I've also noticed that many of your butt buddy's posts have also been removed from other threads. . . .and I'm sure you believe him to be a darling angel. . .but sometime, if you're quick enough, you might notice that he is a liar who apparently gets his jollies in attempting to have other members believe that his latest "victim" is a racist/bigot. . .and then he decides that nobody is noticing that it is HE that is saying the racist words(s), especially the "N" word that is a derogatory name for a black person. If you didn't bother to notice, he spelled out that word 4 times in the climate change thread, (AND NOBODY FLINCHED).
I gathered that either he is a black man who is comfortable in saying and typing it, OR he is a big Liberal who believes he has the RIGHT to say it and then claim that someone else sent him a PM with that word in it. You and he must be best friends since you are willing to let it go.
3 / 5 (12) Dec 10, 2011
Nice try, Potty Mouth, at avoiding that fact that your behavior is particularly egregious, and that Admin. has taken notice of such.

Continue such behavior at your own peril.

Re. what I do and do not condone, do not presume to know that which you cannot.

As for the rest of your sophistic tripe, it is not worth the effort of rebuttal.

2.5 / 5 (86) Dec 10, 2011
It's going to be hilarious when Pirouette gets banned then throws a 3 day long conniption fit on a new name.
3.2 / 5 (13) Dec 11, 2011
I'd love to have him show up on one of the boards that I Moderate or Mentor.

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