Apple drops 'Jew or not Jew' iPhone app

Nov 24, 2011
A customer displays his newly purchased iPhone outside an Apple store in New York City. French anti-racism groups have dropped anti-Semitism suits against Apple after it withdrew a "Jew or not Jew" iPhone app from its online stores worldwide, the groups' lawyerhas told AFP.

French anti-racism groups have dropped anti-Semitism suits against Apple after it withdrew a "Jew or not Jew" iPhone app from its online stores worldwide, the groups' lawyer said on Thursday.

Groups including the French Jewish Students Union, SOS Racisme and the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship Between People had brought a suit against Apple in Paris demanding it withdraw the app worldwide.

"Listed for you, thousands of Jewish personalities (through their mother), 'half-Jewish' (through their father), or converts," the app's inventor Johann Levy promised potential buyers on the French .

Rights groups dropped their suits "after the withdrawal of the application from every country in the world, which satisfies our demand," the groups' lawyer Stephane Lilti said in court.

Apple France was not immediately available to comment.

"I'm satisfied that Mr Levy has belatedly repented and taken the wise decision to withdraw the application," Lilti said, speaking for four rights groups.

Apple on September 14 withdrew the app from its French online shop after an outcry from , which demanded the California-based also drop the app from its other stores.

On October 18 Apple withdrew the app from all its online stores in Europe, but the app, listing 3,500 Jewish personalities, was still available elsewhere in the world.

The International League Against and anti-Semitism (LICRA) has also dropped its demand that Apple uninstall the app from all devices where it has already been installed.

"Where is the anti-Semitism in this case?," Apple's lawyer, Catherine Muyl, said during a hearing for the LICRA case on November 17, insisting that "this is not a discrimination case."

"When Johann Levy conceived his application, he was worried that it would be perceived as too 'pro-Jewish'," Muyl explained.

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1 / 5 (1) Nov 24, 2011
And now we will never know who is and isn't a Jew.

I respect this man...

0.7 / 5 (48) Nov 24, 2011
Unfortunately in my daily discourse, most people don't get that all Jewish persons are not Zionists. Pointing out anyone as irrational who uses scripture as a deed is not anti-Semitic. Too often debate is shut down (or not allowed to begin in earnest at all) on this subject because it (for no real reason other than programming) hurts the person's feelings.

I find the app itself hilarious and ironic in light of the author's opinion of it. In an attempt to capitalize on (and maybe even facilitate in his personal life) Jewish nationalism, he ended up offending people who could only have conceived of the app being used by non Jewish people to discriminate against Jewish people rather than Jewish people using the app to discriminate against all other peoples.
1 / 5 (1) Nov 24, 2011
"Unfortunately in my daily discourse, most people don't get that all Jewish persons are not Zionists." - Frank

It is probably because Zionists would prefer the protection of those who will cry antisemitism.

It is just another example of how ignorant people are so easily manipulated.