NASA signs over shuttle title to California museum

Oct 11, 2011

(AP) -- NASA has transferred ownership of the retired space shuttle Endeavour to a California museum.

A ceremony at the California Science Center Tuesday was attended by several members of Endeavour's last crew including Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' astronaut-husband .

Endeavour is expected to arrive next year at Los Angeles International Airport and then be towed through the streets to the museum near downtown Los Angeles.

Museum President Jeffrey Rudolph says Endeavour will be housed horizontally in a temporary display until a permanent exhibit is built. Its final position will be vertical, as if it's ready to launch.

NASA retired the space shuttle fleet in July after three decades of flying. Museums in suburban Washington, D.C., Florida and New York will receive the remaining shuttles and prototype vehicle.

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2.3 / 5 (3) Oct 11, 2011
Those shuttles and related equipment were paid for by American taxpayers. Was there any referendum by Congress or the taxpayers to determine what to do with and how to dispose of, the shuttles? If these museums charge a fee for viewing the shuttles, will the monies be forwarded to the OBM in Washington, DC for reimbursement back to the taxpayers? I doubt it.
Also, why couldn't at least ONE shuttle have been held in reserve at Cape Canaveral just in case the Russians balk at carrying our astronauts up to the ISS for political reasons? Vladimir Putin will most likely win the Russian Presidency again and he will have full power and control over the majority of Russian endeavours. (Pun not intended) :(
If he refuses to engage with our space program, we will be left with nothing and the ISS will destroy itself without a crew.
2 / 5 (4) Oct 12, 2011
Those shuttles and related equipment were paid for by American taxpayers. . . .

Vladimir Putin will most likely win the Russian Presidency again.

I am not certain future generations should be reminded of past glories of the USA space program.

Words cannot convey my regret that the USA

a.) Ignored the star that heats planet Earth and
b.) Hid or avoided experimental observations that showed

The Sun is the unstable remains of the supernova that gave birth to the solar system [1], not the giant ball of hydrogen that the Bilderberg group adopted as solar dogma in 1967 [2].

1. "The Sun is a plasma diffuser that sorts atoms by mass"
Yadernaya Fizika 69, 11 (2006)

2. The Bilderberg solar model, Solar Physics 3, 5-25 (1968)


With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Video summary of career
not rated yet Oct 12, 2011
Oliver, do you not know of phase 2 of the plan? see kissinger and nixon knew about neutron repulsion and it being the main source of the suns and the universes power but chairman mao did not. as the world all followed their lead in the conspiracy they said it was to prevent nuclear war. however under the guise of that the united states had different reasons. as the climatoligists/scientists destroy our economy and power while funneling money to third world nations for supportung the scam the chinese will soon grow too strong and overpopulated for anyone but the us to even have a chance of stopping the chinese from taking over the world, at that moment neutron repulsion will be officially "discovered" and cheap easy neutron repulsion energy will be used both to power production of weapons and supplies and as weapons of mass destruction themselves in neutron repulsion bombs. saving the united states and allowing us to finally take over the whole world without looking like the bad guys...
not rated yet Oct 12, 2011
Also, why couldn't at least ONE shuttle have been held in reserve at Cape Canaveral just in case the Russians balk at carrying our astronauts up to the ISS for political reasons?

It would still require billions to feed the standing army accompanying the shuttle program. In an already tight NASA budget, this money is better spent elsewhere.