Sony tablets aim to stand out from crowd

Aug 31, 2011 By PETER SVENSSON , AP Technology Writer
Tablet S, Tablet P
Sony’s Tablet S, left, and the foldable, dual-screen Tablet P, right.

(AP) -- Sony is revealing its first two tablet computers, with some features that aim to set them apart from the herd of iPad competitors.

The Tablet S, which is about the size of an , can double as a universal remote control. The tablet is wedge-shaped, with one side thicker than the other. The shape mimics that of a magazine that's been folded over.

The Tablet P is small enough to fit in a purse and opens like a book to reveal two screens. It will be compatible with AT&T's cellular broadband network.

Corp. says the Tablet S is going on sale immediately for $499 or $599, depending on how much memory is included. The Tablet P will go sale later this year at a price yet to be determined.

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1 / 5 (2) Aug 31, 2011
not rated yet Aug 31, 2011
Ditto fail.
Nobody is going to buy a tablet that is not iPad at a price comparable to an iPad. I will wait for the Amazon tablet at $300.
not rated yet Aug 31, 2011
I Disagree. I would. iPad and Apple are not the only standard.
not rated yet Sep 01, 2011
Looking in my magic glass ball I'd say that Amazon's tablet has been designed as an amazon-buying tool, with little connectivity, aside off wifi and 3G (no usb). Sony's will probably have minihdmi, usb and better screen and video reproduction quality.

Many people will be hooked by its use as a remote control device (guess that logitech's harmony remotes sales will drop drastically). Obviously, any other android table will have soft to be used as universal remote, but will this soft be good enough compared to sony's?
Just my two pence :-)
not rated yet Sep 01, 2011
Face it:
The iPad/iPhone/iPod could be out "gizmoed" for a little while by any number of new hardware products launched by any number of firms but these firms just don't get it...
As long as their devices don't tune in to "iTune" and that world of aps, they might just as well produce "TouchPads" for $99.00 and loose money doing so.
What these hardware manufacturers need to comprehend is to produce something nice, for considerably LESS $$ than Apple, come to a license agreement with Apple so that their sexy new gizmo will run those aps.
$99.00 to $200.00 would be a price point for a pad that works off the net, mails, surfs, etc with no ap access. Trouble is that it would be hard to produce hardware that could meet this price point.
HP proved that there is a market for this with their fire sale and I for one was dissapointed when all were sold over one weekend.
Mr. Sony, get a licence deal made or get ready to learn from HP.

not rated yet Sep 09, 2011
Take two of those bigger tablets, join them like that smaller 'folder' and I'd be VERY interested...