Concerns ahead of S. Africa climate talks

August 7, 2011 by Joshua Howat Berger
South Africa is building two massive new coal-fired power plants
Schoolchildren participate in a protest to support a global day of action on climate change in Durban. South Africa's preparations to host the next major round of climate talks have met with scepticism from activists critical of what they say is the country's lack of leadership on environmental issues.

South Africa's preparations to host the next major round of climate talks have met with scepticism from activists critical of what they say is the country's lack of leadership on environmental issues.

The high-level meeting of the , scheduled for November 28 to December 9 in the eastern port city of Durban, is seen as the last chance to renew the , the only international agreement with binding targets for cutting .

But have voiced concern that South African organisers are not doing enough to lay the groundwork for an ambitious conference that will make hard commitments on change and raise the cash to achieve them.

"In terms of preparation, in terms of setting the agenda and setting the level of ambition and so on, we still do not have as much clarity as there should be," the international head of , South African activist Kumi Naidoo, told AFP.

"How are the preparations going? Not in an inspiring manner," said Richard Worthington, head of the climate programme at (WWF) South Africa.

"From a diplomatic, preparing-the-ground point of view, we would like to see efforts stepped up significantly. Things have been slow getting going. It's not too late to come right, but time is running out."

There are rumours on the ground that preparations for the talks have been bogged down by infighting between the foreign and environment ministries over which is responsible for what.

"It's a mess. The ministers are fighting, and we don't even have a website. We are not communicating enough," a government source told the weekly Mail & Guardian newspaper.

The ministers denied those reports, saying they were working well together and had clearly delineated portfolios: foreign minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane is organising the talks, and environment minister Edna Molewa is heading up South Africa's delegation.

"In South African vocabulary, there is no such thing as a turf war," Nkoana-Mashabane told journalists at a briefing on the preparations, which the ministers both said were going well.

The United Nations has also given a vote of confidence, with UN conference coordinator Salwa Dallalah telling reporters in Durban: "We are moving very well and we are on target."

South Africa also faces the challenge of reduced global expectations for what can come out of the talks.

The Kyoto Protocol's initial five-year commitment period, covering 37 industrialised countries, expires at the end of 2012.

Japan, Canada and Russia have all rejected a new round of carbon-cutting commitments. The world's top two polluters, China and the United States, never signed Kyoto at all.

And the United States and the European Union have already said there is zero chance of reaching a binding emissions deal in Durban.

"I think it would be fair to say that the prospects for even a reasonable outcome are not looking good right now," said the WWF's Worthington.

South Africa only bears a portion of the blame as hosts, he added, praising Pretoria for pushing internationally for what he called "a progressive outcome relative to the prospects".

The larger problem, he said, is that "political will internationally is sorely lacking."

But South Africa, which relies on coal for more than 90 percent of its electricity and is currently building two massive new coal-fired power plants, has also been criticised for a lack of leadership on climate issues.

"There is a disconnect between the role we've played in (climate) negotiations, on the one hand, and what we are doing domestically," said Greenpeace's Naidoo.

"We are still clinging onto our addiction to fossil fuels."

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1.4 / 5 (10) Aug 08, 2011
Concerns ahead of S. Africa climate talks

Global warming concerns assume the validity of on a foolish decision reached at the Bilderberg on 17-21 April 1967 [1]:

The Sun "is homogeneous and in hydrostatic equilibrium."

1. O. Gingerich and C. De Jager, Solar Physics 3, 5-25 (1968):


That foolishness is the fundamental assumption of AGW propaganda.

Every solar cycle, solar flare, and solar eruption falsifies Bilderberg's SSM and AGW.

Earth's heat source is obviously not constant [2], but Al Gore, Big Brother, UN, and associates pretend that their propaganda is "scientific."

They are getting desperate now because the public has realized that government scientists have manipulated data and observations for research funds.

2. "Earth's heat source - the Sun", E & E 20 (2009) 131-144

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA PI for Apollo

1.4 / 5 (10) Aug 08, 2011
1.4 / 5 (10) Aug 08, 2011
Schoolchildren participate in a protest to support a global day of action on climate change

What a sad, sad day for science!

Who teaches school children Al Gore propaganda?
5 / 5 (3) Aug 09, 2011
Who sexually abuses their own children and spams a science site with nutcase propaganda?

Look we understand that you hate science since you can't get your idiocy published in a competent journal. We understand that you hate government since it prosecuted you for you behavior towards your children. What no one understands is why keep posting the same crap day after day on a site that never hurt you. Heck they even had an article where they posted your batshit insane ideas and didn't bother to point out how idiotic they were.

So why do you keep spamming the site?

1 / 5 (6) Aug 09, 2011
Corruption of solar science and smear tactics are at the base of the global climate scam.

The decision was apparently made during Kissinger's secret visit to China to in 1971 to use "anthropo;ogic global climate change" as the common enemy to:

a.) Unite Nations;
b.) End the Cold War, the Space Race; and
c.) The threat of Mutual Nuclear Annihilation.

The Bilderberg Model of a "homogeneous Sun in hydrostatic equilibrium" - adopted at the Bilderberg in April of 1967 - became official government propaganda after the 1971 meeting.


1. "The Bilderberg Sun, Climategate & Economic Crisis"

http://dl.dropbox...oots.pdf or


2. "The Bilderberg Model of the Photosphere and Low Chromosphere"

3. "Neutron repulsion" Neutron repulsion, The APEIRON Journal, preprint, in press, 19 pages (2011) :

5 / 5 (3) Aug 09, 2011
Post-modern consensus science,
Post modern is a meaningless noise.

personal attacks, and smear tactics
If the truth hurts that is your problem.

I have dealt with dubious scientific claims many times. Mostly you just ignore what I say. It took DOZENS of post just to get acknowledge that I mentioned the iron stack tests and even then you refused to accept the FACT that NO ONE has EVER seen an non-isolated neutron decay. EVER. Tons of iron, many tons of heavy water NEVER.

Not even your students support you.

Yet you spam and spam and spam. You are Crank Oliver. That is pure Crank behavior.

If you don't like being called a Crank than STOP.

And you personal history does count. You are NOT a reliable source for anything. No one that lived a lie as a predator all their life can be trusted. Since you are a known liar and your science is execrable I see no reason I shouldn't point that out.

Three spam posts got the same response. Quit spamming.

1 / 5 (4) Aug 09, 2011
Corruption of solar science and smear tactics are at the base of the global climate scam.

That is the way propaganda works.

Hopefully I will be better able to communicate the entangled history of Climategate with the space program, oscillating solar neutrinos, and the model of a homogeneous, H-filled Sun [A] in the fifth video summary of research on "Scientific Genesis"

1. Science vs. Propaganda
2. Origin of the Solar System
3. The Iron Sun
4. Neutron Repulsion
5. Global Warming

The 5th video should be completed on Thursday.

A."The Bilderberg Sun, Climategate & Economic Crisis"


With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
4 / 5 (4) Aug 09, 2011
Look Oli, there is nothing wrong with Al-Gore's point of view. But there is a hell of lot wrong with yours.
5 / 5 (2) Aug 10, 2011
. Intense personal attacks show that government scientists are getting worried,
I see. So then, you sexually abused your children, spammed the site, can't get any support even from you own students THUS you must right.

Nonsense. People rake you over the coals because you did great evil and that evil does not make bad science into perfection.

Hopefully I will be better able to communicate the entangled history of Climategate
Which you have gone to great length to turn into utter rubbish with that ridiculous claim that Mao was involved.

oscillating solar neutrinos,
I suppose you think that millions of dollars, yen and many other forms of money were spent solely to make false accusations against you. Rubbish again. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN about your idiot ideas except that you keep spamming the site. Physicists IGNORE you, most don't even know your pigheaded bad science even exists. You have NO evidence to support you and they have lots.>>
5 / 5 (2) Aug 10, 2011
a. Science vs. Propaganda
Science is against propaganda. Which is why the propaganda you keep site with shows you don't science.

b. Origin of the Solar System
Involved a supernova and anyone competent knows that. But no competent think OUR Sun was that supernova.

c. The Iron Sun
Which is based on idea of the Sun coming from a Supernova since there is simply no evidence for the ludicrous claim.

d. Neutron Repulsion
Which again has no evidence to support. Even the students that did the work for that table that supports the Pauli Exclusion Principle do not support you. Though you did once lie about that when you pretended their work in class constituted support. That was silly even by your standards.>>
5 / 5 (2) Aug 10, 2011
e. Global Warming
Which the present evidence supports. CO2 IS a greenhouse gas and that German paper you posted was utter crap based on an intentionally bad example. The Moon. It doesn't rotate. However Apollo 13 did rotate and it got COLD. As in below freezing. This would not have occurred according to that paper so the paper was a crock.

The 5th video should be completed on Thursday.
Does Alex know about your conviction?

Multiply posted to deal with Oliver's crossposted spam.


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