Finland to boost web surveillance after Norway attacks

July 25, 2011
Candles are lit at the doorstep of the Norwegian Embassy in Helsinki during a silent moment in memory of the victims of the Friday's attacks in Norway by self-confessed Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik. Finnish police said they will monitor the Internet more rigorously for evidence of extremists plots following last week's twin massacres in neighbouring Norway.

Finnish police said Monday they will monitor the Internet more rigorously for evidence of extremists plots following last week's twin massacres in neighbouring Norway.

Deputy commissioner Robin Lardot said his forces will play closer attention to fragmented pieces of information -- known as "weak signals" -- in case they connect to a credible terrorist threat.

He told public YLE radio that Finnish police previously enhanced their online surveillance after a 22-year-student gunned down 10 people at a vocational school in the central town of Kauhajoki in September 2008.

The gunman in the Kauhajoki shooting, who also killed himself, had dropped hints about his plans before carrying out the attack, as in the Norwegian case, Lardot said.

In both cases "the perpetrators had a need to say that they were preparing something like this," Lardot added.

Anders Behring Breivik, who has claimed responsibility for the Friday attacks in Norway that killed at least 76, was a member of a Swedish neo-Nazi Internet forum, according to Stockholm-based Expo foundation, which monitors far-right web activity.

Behring Breivik had posted on the Internet a 1,500-page manifesto prior carrying out the massive car bomb and subsequent mass shooting that killed 76 people.

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not rated yet Jul 25, 2011
According to Stockholm-based Expo foundation Anders Behring Breivik was a member of a Swedish neo-Nazi Internet forum.

This is incorrect and forged information.
Behring Breivik is not the author of the 1,500 manifest.

The response is however the planned response.
0.8 / 5 (50) Jul 25, 2011
Hopefully the US government takes this as a warning to monitor right-wing terrorists. Remember how much flack Secretary Napolitano caught for letting a memo out of her department that even suggested the possibility?

Anyone who doubts this should check out http://www.freere.../*/index this minute. Find any topic that has to do with this shooting and watch their denial.

They started by blaming it on a muslim. When it became apparent that wasn't the case it must have been someone posing as a conservative, a false flag attack. When it became apparent that it actually was a conservative monoculturalist, they lauded him from murdering future marxists.

This is your Tea Party base America! Wake UP!
not rated yet Jul 25, 2011
Read the manifest. Come back and we'll discuss it.
0.8 / 5 (50) Jul 25, 2011

_The Norway Terrorist is a conservative sci-fi fan._

Yup, if things get ugly, its every man for himself. I hope to go out in a blaze of glory if I can work up the courage!


blaze of glory is a term I use often and aspire to.


"Why does his Facebook page list no friends?"

It was likely created AFTER the attacks by leftists who do not know him.


And here's a little "no true conservative" for you guys...
OKC was a Muslim production, probably coordinated through Iran. Its possible that it was coordinated through Iraq, however, and thats why Bush picked Iraq as the first target.

Some of the people involved in it were known to be German/Iraqi connected, although the only people apprehended were McVeigh and his buddy.

5 / 5 (1) Jul 26, 2011
As someone who lives in Finland, by all means monitor more rigorously.

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