GE's new triple-threat hybrid power plant technology selected to go up in Turkey

Jun 09, 2011 by Bob Yirka report
The FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant

( -- After recently announcing the development of new natural gas power plant technology, in addition to a partnership with eSolar, GE has now landed a contract with Turkish Developer MetCap Energy to supply the technology for a new power plant to be built in Karaman, Turkey, which will utilize wind, solar and natural gas power to produce a total of 530 mega-watts of power; enough to run 600,000 homes.

The power plant will be a novelty in several respects. The first is that it will use GE’s new "FlexEfficiency" gas turbine, which is essentially a jet engine that produces power by both turning a generator and by capturing the heat from the exhaust and using it to make steam. The second is that it will also add solar energy to the mix by utilizing technology from eSolar; which is also unique. Instead of converting sunlight to electricity, mirrors are used to direct sunlight to a boiler that sits atop a tower; the steam that is produced is then directed to the plant to combine with the steam produced from the back end of the gas generator. The third element is the introduction of wind power to the system using traditional wind generators situated just next to the rest of the plant to funnel power to the plant, which can be used directly by the plant, or fed into the grid.

The power plant will be the first to integrate with two renewable technologies, and GE claims that the plant will be 70% efficient, an unheard of number in electricity production. Because the system shares components, costs for the renewable parts of the system are much lower than for stand-alone systems.

While the technology behind the gas generator isn’t really new, the way the solar component works is, i.e. using 25,000 computer controlled mirrors to keep sunlight firmly fixed on the underside of a water filled tank, producing steam, which is then actually used by another part of the plant. By going this way, part of the cost of the solar system can be borne by the turbine exhaust boiler generator. Also new is the idea of building in add-on capacity to existing generator technology to allow for easy addition or expansion of alternative energy power providers.

One of the traditional difficulties in utilizing renewable resources in has been the variability of the source; the sun doesn’t shine at night, or when it’s cloudy, or sometimes the wind doesn’t blow. By hooking up such technologies to proven reliable power generators, however, the variability can be smoothed out, while power output remains constant. With this new approach, GE, already a world leader in power plant technology, is clearly expanding the options that will likely contribute to a future filled with hybrid power plant technologies of every imaginable sort.

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More information: eSolar press release:

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3.7 / 5 (3) Jun 09, 2011
sounds interesting, now if the natural gas companies can just find a way to pump without fracking and contaminating local water supplies I would feel better about this. I have seen too many videos of people igniting their tap water to feel too good about advances using natural gas.

This is very innovative though, and natural gas generator are going to become more important if we cant build better grid scale batteries. Natural gas generators can quickly change their power output to keep up with demand spikes.
not rated yet Jun 09, 2011
So where does the title's 'triple threat' come in ??
1 / 5 (2) Jun 09, 2011
(US)Government Electric Company. Crony capitalism. Despicable.

(US)Government Motors. $1/gal gasoline tax. More Crony capitalism.

Save America. Join the 2nd American Revolution. Re-elect no one.
1 / 5 (2) Jun 09, 2011
So where does the title's 'triple threat' come in ??
When I first looked at the article I thought to myself, OMG, and then I figured it was a misspelling, for example: 'treat.'
The natural gas jet engines need to have air filters on them. Without them they produce a fair amount of pollution. Some sort of required filterization system would cutback on some of the emissions, maybe 50%?
not rated yet Jun 09, 2011
So where does the title's 'triple threat' come in

natural gas solar wind == triple

the real question is -- what exactly does that video have to do with the article
1 / 5 (1) Jun 10, 2011
TabulaMentis; Would you please explain how an air filter on a properly running turbine that produces no soot could somehow reduce emissions by 50%?
1 / 5 (1) Jun 10, 2011
Wasn't this already in the news last year?

I seem to recall the plant gets only few percent of its input energy from solar power.
1 / 5 (2) Jun 10, 2011
"Save America. Join the 2nd American Revolution" - Shootist

I was just on a Forbes Magazine site, and many of the Conservatives there who were calling for a second revolution were talking about blowing up government buildings, and murdering government workers for being complicit in treason.

Apparently God wants them to kill people.

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