Swiss court orders Google to blur images on Street View

Apr 04, 2011
Camera of a Google street-view car. A Swiss court said Monday that it has ordered Internet giant Google to make all images of individuals and vehicle plates unrecognisable on its Street View picture map, so as to comply with privacy rules.

A Swiss court said Monday that it has ordered Internet giant Google to make all images of individuals and vehicle plates unrecognisable on its Street View picture map, so as to comply with privacy rules.

"The defendants must make all faces and number plates unrecognisable before the pictures can be published on the Internet," said the Federal Administrative Court in a statement.

The court "concludes that the interest of the public in having a visual record and the commercial interests of the defendants in no way outweigh the rights over one's own image, as the pictures can be made more or totally unrecognisable, and this is a proportionate measure."

allows users to take a ground level panoramic view of some locations on , based on still photographs taken by specially equipped vehicles.

Switzerland's data protection commissioner Hanspeter Thuer had complained on several occasions that the service, introduced for in 2009, flouted privacy rules.

In November 2009, Thuer announced that he was taking to court after the Internet firm refused to apply a majority of measures recommended on how images should be treated.

An appeal may be filed against the Federal Administrative Court's decision.

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3 / 5 (2) Apr 04, 2011
Wait a few more years.

You aint seen anything yet.

Smart phones will probably have hidden cameras operating on "stealth" frequencies or "stealth" data packets, filming the inside of your house and business.

BTW, doesn't Google have a huge stake in the Smart Phone industry? Oh yeah, they got their own OS for smart phones and pads...Of course.

The smart phones are already being designed with two and maybe even three seperate cameras now, one looking in each direction, so social engineering addicts can both film themselves and something they are looking at simultaneously...

Just remember, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and AT&T are watching...and recording...

What? You don't think they record the contents of your transmissions?

If you think this version of street view invades your privacy, wait another 10 or 15 years. The interior of your house and business will be all of the internet, with our without your permission.
2 / 5 (2) Apr 04, 2011
He's a rabid religionist who is compelled to litter threads with his nonsense. Compulsion = pathology; 30-40 inane comments a day = pathology; lack of reason or logic and the impulse to make up outrageous numbers = pathology...etc.

I think we can conclude that QC has an affliction, without even considering his belief system. I'm sure its treatable but the question is, will he recognize it and seek help?

Your behavior reflects poorly on religionists in general QC, you know that right?
-I forgot to mention
Smart phones will probably have hidden cameras operating on "stealth" frequencies or "stealth" data packets, filming the inside of your house and business.
2.3 / 5 (3) Apr 04, 2011

No, reality, fool.

All governments spy on one another, and corporations spy on one another, they usually don't get caught though.

Google made a 3-d map of the world with blatant disregard for privacy or safety of people from perps on the internet, and posted this WITHOUT permission from anyone in any of the areas, AND data mined wireless networks as they drove by...

You HONESTLY expect these people to be trustworthy with other data available on systems running their OS and hardware?

You poor, naive creature...
2.6 / 5 (5) Apr 04, 2011
QC, forgot to take your meds?
not rated yet Apr 05, 2011
It's not private info if you can see it out of a car window while driving by or if you're beaming it out unencrypted with a router. Close your blinds, and encrypt your data. Then if someone gets your emails or sees you naked in your house I'll be concerned. Stop pretending the front yard of your house or your license plate is top secret private info. I can walk down the street and film your house and car with no penalty.

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