Ego Compact Semi Submarine allows for underwater exploration for the lay person

Feb 24, 2011 by Katie Gatto weblog

( -- Fans of the adventures of Captain Nemo and the ship Nautilus will be pleased to know that soon you could be able to have your own undersea adventures, without the hassle of commandeering a vessel from the local base of the US Navy and dealing with those pesky treason charges after the trip. Thanks to a new vessel, named the Ego Compact Semi Submarine, you can be trolling the seas with very minimal training time under your belt.

The vehicle is technically called a semi-submarine because all of the craft does not go under the sea. The design is more like a pontoon style of boat with a transparent waterproof compartment that hangs from the middle of the boat. It lets you see below without having to go entirely below the water.

Admittedly, it does mean that you cannot use this single person craft for deep sea exploration, but you can still do a heck of a lot of exploration with it, without having to worry about the sea pressure levels that commonly create a need for stronger and bigger vessels. Think of this more like craft based snorkeling than it is diving.

The creators, a South Korean company Raonhaje, do plan to release the vehicle for use in organizations like tropical resorts as well as for sale for individual owners. The ships do not have a stated cost as of yet, so you will have to contact the company if you want to get more information on actually buying one of the crafts.

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Cruising speed has not been released at this time, but the company did say that the device can run eight hours at cruising speed or four hours at its top speed.

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not rated yet Feb 24, 2011
I wonder how you would (un)trailer this thing? I don't imagine a regular boat lanch woud suffice, otherwise this might be really cool for weekend family recreation and fishing on a lake.
not rated yet Feb 24, 2011
Interesting variation on a glass bottomed boat.
not rated yet Feb 24, 2011
great idea, should have thought of this
not rated yet Feb 25, 2011
Great concept - but a bit unfortunate for our remaining coral reefs.

Having seen so many people stand on coral (yes, even recently), I think some form of built in GPS "avoid this area" system is required...
not rated yet Feb 26, 2011
Unless they're in extremely shallow water, the coral would be safely beneath them.
not rated yet Feb 27, 2011
this might prevent coral degredation - human interest in wellbeing typically = preservation. plus, the only damage would be fuel contamination (possible), or actually bumping the thing into a reef.

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