Gadgets: iFrogz headphones comfy to wear

April 22, 2010 By Gregg Ellman
Gadgets: iFrogz headphones comfy to wear

New headphones from iFrogz are advertised as being more comfortable than most any other headphones available and, after wearing them for a few seconds, it's easy to confirm that claim.

The CS40s are part of the "comfort series" and have extra padding on the ears to make it feel like you have pillows on both ears, with sound being pumped out of them.

It's obvious that iFrogz was concerned with style when creating this line and they have succeeded in that mission.

Travelers will enjoy the lightweight design as well as the folding feature. The headphones have a retractable headband, helping them fold up in a suitcase.

The stylish and reasonably priced produce decent not great sound so if you're looking for a high end product, this isn't it.

Instead, if casual users want something for sound that doesn't make you feel like a pencil is sticking in your ear all day, go for these.

Users have a choice of five colors (black, blue, pink, red or white)

Details:, $39.99

The Macally Hi-Speed USB file transfer cable transfers data between computers at a high rate of speed with ease.

Files can be transferred and shared directly on Mac or Windows systems. The cable works from PC to PC, Mac to Mac or between a PC and a Mac.

Using the cable also eliminates the need for any networks or software to be downloaded and installed.

The cable comes preloaded with embedded EasySuite and EasyMacCopy utility software and works in a direct drag-n-drop manner to transfer the digital files.

The computers being used can have different operating systems but will still work for Bi-directional data transfer of any amount of files, no matter the size.

Users can expect a transfer rate as high as 16MB/second.

Details:, $29.99

While corresponding with a representative from MemorySafe, she convinced me that everything, including videos, should be backed up while she was dealing with the severe flooding in Rhode Island.

Many people think about backing up precious data, but don't take into consideration what would happen should they experience a devastating fire or flood, which would likely destroy the video memories.

We've seen this happen time and time again with unfortunate events that span Hurricane Katrina all the way to the recent East Coast flooding.

No matter where you backed up your videos -- external hard drives, DVDs or stored on your computer -- they would not be safe in a natural disaster.

There's an affordable off-site storage permitting access and preservation of memories once the videos are converted to DVD. Think of this as a way to share those photos, videos and scans for generations -- before disaster occurs.

MemorySafe has partnered with CVS Pharmacy's popular YesDVD program so customers can subscribe to the video storage for as low as $9.99 per year. This ensures that no matter what disaster happens to your home, your video memories will always be safe.

YesDVD is a transfer service at CVS pharmacies. Users can get 35mm slides, prints, VHS tapes and even 8mm movies transferred to a DVD. Once the DVDs are produced, users can choose to store them on the MemorySafe site.

MemorySafe stores its content in geographically redundant data centers. A password of your choosing is user protected by a security system similar to what online financial systems use.

A free 30-day trial is available after an initial purchase from the YesDVD program at CVS.


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