New federal climate change agency forming

February 8, 2010 By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID , AP Science Writer

(AP) -- The Obama administration is forming a new agency to study and report on the changing climate.

Also known as global warming, climate change has drawn widespread concern in recent years as temperatures around the world rise, threatening to harm crops, spread disease, increase sea levels, change storm and drought patterns and cause polar melting.

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Jane Lubchenco, head of the , planned to announce Monday that NOAA will set up the new Climate Service to operate in tandem with NOAA's National and National Ocean Service.

NOAA recently reported that the decade of 2000-2009 was the warmest on record worldwide; the previous warmest decade was the 1990s. Most atmospheric scientists believe that warming is largely due to human actions, adding gases to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.

Researchers and leaders from around the world met last month in Denmark to discuss ways to reduce climate-warming emissions, and a follow-up session is planned for later this year in Mexico.

"More and more people are asking for more and more information about climate and how it's going to affect them," Lubchenco explained. So officials decided to combine climate operations into a single unit.

Portions of the Weather Service that have been studying climate, as well as offices from some other NOAA agencies, will be transferred to the new NOAA Climate Service.

The new agency will initially be led by Thomas Karl, director of the current National Climatic Data Center. The Climate Service will be headquartered in Washington and will have six regional directors across the country.

Lubchenco also announced a new NOAA climate portal on the Internet to collect a vast array of climatic data from NOAA and other sources. It will be "one-stop shopping into a world of climate information," she said.

Creation of the Climate Service requires a series of steps, but if all goes well, it should be finished by the end of the year, officials said.

In recent years, a widespread private weather forecasting industry has grown up around the National Weather Service, and Lubchenco said she anticipates growth of private climate-related business around the new agency.

While most people notice the weather from day to day or week to week, climate looks at both the averages and extremes of weather over longer periods of time. And understanding both weather and climate, and their changes, are vital to much of the world's economic activity ranging from farming to travel to energy use and production and even food shipments and disease prevention.

Atmospheric scientists have long joked that climate is what you expect and weather is what you get. But greenhouse warming is changing what can be expected from , and researchers are seeking to understand and anticipate the impacts of that change.

Explore further: NASA/NOAA Announce Major Weather Forecasting Advancement

More information: NOAA:


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2.7 / 5 (11) Feb 08, 2010
Great! Now we have an official GW Propaganda agency. I guess propaganda had a lot to do with selling Nazism to the German public too.
2.3 / 5 (9) Feb 08, 2010
Obama and leftist progressives love propaganda. Just ask Mao and Stalin (progressives idols)

Lets all repeat the phrase, AGW is real, AGW is real, AGW is real. Now that we repeated it so often we know it is real.

Bad science, who cares AGW is real.
lying scientists, who cares, AGW is real.
Deleted source data, who cares, AGW is real.
Pursecuting those against AGW, who cares, AGW is real.
Climate models that dont work, who cares, AGW is real.
Al Gore movie shown by court of law to be a bunch of lies and propaganda, who cares, AGW is real.

If a bunch of scientists and organizations who are against AGW did what pro-AGW scientists and organizations did. They would be rightly thrown in jail and ridiculed by the press. But since we all know AGW is real, no need to press charges or ridicle AGW belief.
4 / 5 (8) Feb 08, 2010
Seriously... let's just pretend that Climategate, Glaciergate, etc. never happened. Must not have, because there isn't so much as a whiff of any of it in this article!

3.7 / 5 (6) Feb 08, 2010
"My fellow Americans. In order to combat Global Warming, I am hereby re-organizing the United States into the First American Empire...

...what's that?, no, pay no attention to the record snow accumulations outside...Global Warming is a fact...It must be, I'm a democrat, and democrats never lie." - Potential future Obama speech...
1.8 / 5 (5) Feb 08, 2010
Wow. So now it's the First National Socialist American Empire...better get to drilling off our coasts for the oil to fire up the ovens with. And don't forget to check with IG Farben to see if they still have the recipe for Zyklon B- gonna need a lot of it to rid our Fair Homeland of all those pesky AGW believers.
3.1 / 5 (7) Feb 08, 2010
Caliban, no need for Zyklon B. Those pesky AGW believers should be holding their breaths. Cant release too much CO2. If you guys could keep Al Gore silent for a month, all excess production of CO2 will be halted.

BTW, read history books, its the progressive socialists that used ovens, Zyklon B, starvation, murder, prison camps, etc to silence those that disagree with them. But again, I digress.
5 / 5 (2) Feb 08, 2010
New Federal Climate Change Agency? I thought that was NASA's new job stimulating the grubbermint job sector.
4 / 5 (1) Feb 09, 2010
STOP!!! For the love of God, Physorg. Stop putting this abysmally written articles on your site like they are news. Every sentence in this could be construed in 3 different ways. It's like you are employing recent graduates to complete some community service agreement. For instance:

"More and more people are asking for more and more information about climate and how it's going to affect them,"
Does this mean:
More and more people are interested in what the weather will be for the week to plan outside activities?
More and more people are trying to find the data to dispute the claims of proponents of AGW to not be taxed more?
More and more people are using the data that you collect to project actual future climate to get grants?

I don't even want to get into the very first sentence which is so loaded with opinion, but no facts...

The AP should fire this man immediately and get someone who understands reporting isn't creative writing
not rated yet Feb 09, 2010
Ignoring the AGW/non-AGW debate:

Isn't this realm of research already covered by one of the 27 bodies and panels that are responsible for climate, weather, and natural research? Do we need more bureaucrats to obfuscate the issue even further with special interests and inexact legislation?
not rated yet Feb 12, 2010
Obama gets a three for one here. He gets to create government jobs, and increase taxes, while having justification to reduce rights.

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