Stable Opera 10.10 browser with Unite now available

November 24, 2009 by Lin Edwards weblog

( -- The web browser Opera 10.10 has been released as a stable version, and it has a number of new features to enhance the browsing experience, including "Unite", which is a group of applications for sharing music, photos and other files.

Opera 10.10 has Opera Turbo, which compresses and adjusts content to suit users with low or moderate speed connections. Another feature is a customizable Speed Dial. This has been part of Opera since version 10.0 but has been refined and now has a customizable background and up to 25 speed dial buttons.

Opera's tabs can be viewed as thumbnails as in previous releases by just holding the mouse cursor on a tab, but the new release also displays thumbnails if you drag the handle at the bottom of the tab bar.

The main new feature of Opera 10.10 is Unite, which basically turns the user's desktop into a web server. Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera, said they were setting out to revolutionize the way users interact with the Internet, by turning the browser into a device that can serve content. There is a add-on with a similar function, but having web server capabilities built-in is unique to Opera.

Unite works on any device running the browser, such as mobile phones and . The applications are controlled by a special control panel. Folders containing up to 10 GB of photos, music or other files can be shared, and the user selects the access level to make them password protected or available for public viewing.

Unite does not encrypt traffic, but the applications use what Opera calls a "secured sandbox". Users have to specify exactly which files can be shared, and it is their responsibility to ensure they comply with any applicable file-sharing and copyright laws. Opera assures users that anyone who knows their username and password would be unable to access their folders, Unite applications, or hard drive.

Opera is inviting independent programmers to develop applications for Opera Unite, and is offering weekly prizes of gift certificates to the value of a mobile phone or Nintendo Wii.

Opera 10.10 is available for free download from the Opera site with versions for the Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, OSX, and FreeBD.

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not rated yet Nov 24, 2009
Okay, with the information about "Opera Unite" this item becomes newsworthy, rather than being just an advertisement as I had first imagined.

I look forwards to reading about the security exploits.
not rated yet Nov 24, 2009
A continuation of the trend set by Chrome, that the browser becomes the shell of your operating system.

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