Samsung launches a new vacuuming robot

November 6, 2009 weblog

( -- Samsung Electronics has launched its latest autonomous robot vacuum cleaner, the Tango, which is capable of vacuuming hardwood floors, carpets, and even beds without human assistance.

The company, based in Seoul, Korea, has launched vacuum cleaners before and the Tango shares a similar dual spinning brush design of predecessors the Hauzen, launched in early 2008, and the Furot of September 2009, although the design of the Tango's brush has been updated to increase its efficiency.

The Tango is fitted with a 30 fps camera to help the device see where it's going, to map its way around and remember its course. It also has an improved gyro to help it keep its sense of direction. The new device's crash sensor can detect objects from as close as 2cm (under 1 inch) away. In total, the device has 13 to enable it to see the dust and avoid bumping into the furniture.

Other vacuuming robots are already on the market, such as the irobot Roomba, the Vacuum Robot, which vacuums and recharges itself automatically, and uses UV to kill dust mites. Another robot , the Dirt Dog is designed specifically for cleaning workshops.

The Tango is expected to be available for around $425 to $600 (US), but there is no sign of it being released any time soon in Europe or the US.

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not rated yet Nov 06, 2009
I would love to know how this differs from the irobot. Is it better or just the same old crap.
not rated yet Nov 06, 2009
if not better, it'll certainly be cheaper than irobot =)
not rated yet Nov 06, 2009
i've got a roomba 560 and it works pretty well, after i had the gear housing modified with bearings of course.
not rated yet Nov 06, 2009
Which one of those is the new robotic vacuum cleaner: the disk kind of thing or the girl behind of it? ;)
I suppose that I would pick the latter one.
not rated yet Nov 06, 2009
The roomba we have bumps into things. Sounds like this robot doesn't (using its plethora of sensors.)

We had to put padding (like weather stripping) all the way around the roomba to prevent it from marring the furniture. Other than that, we've been very happy with it. Of course we have only hardwood and linoleum floors. It would be useless on carpet.
not rated yet Nov 06, 2009
I did have the roomba from Costco. Thanks Costco..I took it back.
If you have a bed and stuff underneath...goodbye.
Also, you need a square room with no furniture and no loose rugs.
Nov 06, 2009
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
not rated yet Nov 07, 2009
The roomba we have bumps into things. Sounds like this robot doesn't (using its plethora of sensors.)

While this may sound good at first glance I'm wondering whether it will even vacuum in the corners/close to walls. The round shape does not seem particularly suited for this.

If I have to manually vacuum these parts of the room I can just do the whole thing myself.
not rated yet Nov 07, 2009
While this may sound good at first glance I'm wondering whether it will even vacuum in the corners/close to walls. The round shape does not seem particularly suited for this.

The roomba we have actually did a reasonable job in the corners. It even got underneath the overhang of the lower cupboards in the kitchen.

In the photo above you see the beater brushes sticking out. These brushes push material in front of the vacuum, effectively making the front end square.
not rated yet Nov 13, 2009
Nice, but I want a house that does not need any vacuum cleaning. Like a clean-room: The air is cleaned 24/7 by filters. So no robot is needed anymore.

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