Security Alert: Beware of SMS Messages That Can Take Control of Your Phone

April 20, 2009 by John Messina weblog

( -- Trust Digital has proven that an attacker with the right knowledge and toolkits can remotely hijack a phone by sending an SMS message to it. The attack would be most effective if it took place in the middle of the night while you are asleep.

The attack, on your phone, would start by receiving a that would automatically start up the and direct it to malicious Web site. The site would then download an executable file to the phone and steal all your personal data.

The following video demonstrates this:

This video is not supported by your browser at this time.

These attacks are real and can originate from any where in the world. Trust Digital recently announced software called EMM 8.0 that can help organizations protect employee phones from these types of attacks.

For detailed information about EMM 8.0 software, please visit the Trust Digital Web site.

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5 / 5 (3) Apr 20, 2009
Hackers in your phone, stealing your data, buy our software now!

Trust Digital probably developped those hacks (if they are even real) so they can scare people into buying their software.

This could have been an interesting article if it provided all the crucial details like which phones are vulnerable, how the manufacturers reacted and how to download a patch. As it is this is just an ad for this shitty company which want's to profit from this vulnerability and peoples fear, too bad physorg posts such crap.
1 / 5 (2) Apr 20, 2009
Yet another Microsoft security success story.
2.3 / 5 (3) Apr 20, 2009
Of course they developed them, and how nice of them to create video's to teach everyone else how to do this so that you have to buy their software to protect yourself.

In the old days the mobs ran this racket, they called it "protection" just like Trust Digital does

"Trust Digital recently announced software called EMM 8.0 that can help organizations PROTECT employee phones from these types of attacks"
not rated yet Apr 22, 2009
I agree this is just a marketing ploy. But what does Microsoft have to do with the issue? Earls, haven't had your MS-bashing fix for today yet?
not rated yet Apr 25, 2009
Microsoft has everything to do with the issue. The phone on the left runs software developed by Microsoft. They left the holes open!
not rated yet Apr 26, 2009

EdP said it all.
not rated yet Aug 07, 2009
yeh thats funny as ...but i think this could happen guys ...u now wat u do ? u just dont buy the software and wait until it happens then .... then u start complianing
not rated yet Aug 23, 2009
No...not my personal information! Is no contact list safe? ....Fear certainly has many shoving fuel into its furnace of oppression.

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