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The longest carbon nanotubes you've ever seen

Using techniques that could revolutionize manufacturing for certain materials, researchers have grown carbon nanotubes that are the longest in the world. While still slightly less than 2 centimeters long, ...

May 10, 2007
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In new hybrid chip, molecules are memories

As scientists strive to satisfy the growing demand of the digital era for faster, smaller, and cheaper electronics, one of the most promising technologies is hybrids. Hybrid ICs (integrated circuits) consist ...

Aug 08, 2006 feature
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Genetic Engineering Fuses Spider Silk and Silica

Bioengineers at Tufts University have created a new fusion protein that for the first time combines the toughness of spider silk with the intricate structure of silica. The resulting nanocomposite could be used in medical ...

Jun 27, 2006
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