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Nano-paper filter removes viruses

Nanotechnology and Functional Materials, Uppsala University have developed a paper filter, which can remove virus particles with the efficiency matching that of the best industrial virus filters. The paper ...

Mar 31, 2014 4.9 / 5 (8) 0

Turning graphite into diamond

( —A research team led by SLAC scientists has uncovered a potential new route to produce thin diamond films for a variety of industrial applications, from cutting tools to electronic devices to ...

Mar 28, 2014 4.3 / 5 (24) 3

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Diamonds are an oil's best friend

( —A mixture of diamond nanoparticles and mineral oil easily outperforms other types of fluid created for heat-transfer applications, according to new research by Rice University.

Meth mouth menace

NASA's MMS observatories stacked for testing

Harm-reduction program optimizes HIV/AIDS prevention

First steps towards "Experimental Literature 2.0"

Converting waste heat into electricity

Bruce White worked with semiconductors and transistors at Motorola and Texas Instruments. But when he left industry for a position on Binghamton University's faculty, the materials scientist decided to take ...

Thermoelectric materials can be much more efficient

Researchers from the University of Twente's MESA+ research institute have managed to significantly improve the efficiency of a thermoelectric material. Because of their unique qualities, these materials can ...

Scientists make critical end-stage liver discovery

Solving cancer's secrets

TCS, Mitsubishi to create new Japan IT services firm

Atom probe assisted dating of oldest piece of earth

ISEE-3 comes to visit Earth

Finnish inventor rethinks design of the axe

Poll: Big Bang a big question for most Americans

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