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Advertising is key to the operations of Ads are our life blood and allows us to provide free high quality science content to our readers. We have to pay our bills like everyone else and believe us or not, it doesn't come cheap. On the other hand, we recognize that some ads are distracting to the readers' eye. So, we are trying to compromise with our valued subscriber members by cutting down on banner advertising and we have completely removed a middle page Google AdSense block. This is one more good reason to spend a few minutes and sign up as a member of

How To Get An Account: Features & Advantages

Getting hooked up with a account is a snap. Go to the main page,, you will see 'register' near the top of the page. After clicking on 'register' you will be taken to a quick sign up screen. All you need to do is provide your first and last name (optional), an email address, nickname, password and click on 'I accept' after reading the terms of usage. An email will be sent to the email address provided with an activation link. That's it. Once you activate your account, you can enjoy limitless community and reader's features.

As a account holder, you will be given a Profile Personal Page url. An account holder may:

  • bookmark articles with 1-click access to all your favorite stories;

  • customize a daily email newsletter;

  • create news filters (see a separate help doc for this extremely powerful and useful feature);

  • send and receive PMs (personal messages) from other members;

  • create a personal profile;

  • track your comments and activity within the website and

  • check out the latest news since your last visit. Our extreme system memory remembers where you left off and with a click takes you to your latest news.

As a community member, you may sign up for custom-designed RSS feeds, access the latest in Sci-Tech news for yourself and share with others.

In addition to convenience, you will become a part of the community. You can vote on the 'Favorite Story of the Day', rank stories and view the most popular stories in the last 24-hours, 3-days or other time frame. If you find a story you really like, you can bookmark it to your account for later access, save it as PDF to your local hard drive and find other similar stories that are displayed on the page in the box we label 'Related Stories'.

If you are into a very narrow field of science, you can set a highly specific RSS 2.0 feed by using the search feature on the RSS, xml page. Once you set your preferences, you are done. Otherwise, you may set your RSS 2.0 feeds and XML feeds by choosing among nine science categories and numerous sub-categories. Additionally, you may choose only 'Spotlight News', All latest news or Feature stories. Your feeds can be sent to your Facebook, Twitter, Google, My AOL and My MSN. You can also use Feedburner.

The above is only a sample of the possibilities and advantages of signing up for a account. We will be adding, tweaking and bringing our members new innovations for their reading experience. On a very important point, our privacy policy protects your personal information. We will never sell or disclose any information you may provide to us for the use of a account.

If you are wondering why wouldn't everyone sign up for a account -- we agree.

As you will become used to, stuff is always open for your comments and suggestions. Please drop us a line because your feedback is important to us.

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