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Study Shows Silver Nanoparticles Attach to HIV-1 virus

In the first-ever study of metal nanoparticles' interaction with HIV-1, silver nanoparticles of sizes 1-10nm attached to HIV-1 and prevented the virus from bonding to host cells. The study, published in the Journal of Na ...

Oct 14, 2005 feature
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NanoWorld: Nature Inspired Micro Circuits

A team of chemical engineers, biologists, geneticists, and electronic engineers headed by Kenneth Sandhage at the Georgia Institute of Technology and colleagues has developed a new process for converting the finely detailed ...

Oct 13, 2005 feature
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Unlocking the organic composition of ancient asteroids

New technology discovers primitive organic matter in 4.5 billion year old meteorites Meteorites contain fragments of asteroids brought about by collisions within the asteroid belt. These meteorites have not been exposed ...

Oct 07, 2005 feature
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Machines making other machines: new twist on self-replication

How can we best build self-replicating machines? The past few decades have witnessed self-replicating virtual automata, ranging from the benign Game of Life by Conway to malicious computer viruses. Self-replicating physical ...

Oct 03, 2005 feature
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Nanotechnology for Recovery and Reuse of Spilled Oil

The recent hurricane Katrina disaster has resulted in an oil crisis. Apart from the shortage there are reports of oil spills. Interface Science Corporation has announced that the company is launching its ...

Sep 09, 2005 feature
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Silicon Nanotechnology to Combat Biowarfare Agents

In fall 2001, several letters containing deadly spores were sent to targeted spots across the county. The documents threatened the lives of postal workers, government administrative workers, officials and others. ...

Sep 06, 2005 feature
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