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Is dark matter made of axions?

One of the mysteries of our universe is that of dark energy and matter. Scientists all over the world are attempting to discover what particles make up dark energy and matter. “Axions are one of the particles ...

Mar 03, 2008 feature
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New discovery could be a Thorne-Zytkow object

(Phys.org) —Speaking at this year's American Astronomical Society meeting, Hubble Fellow, Emily Levesque reported that she and her colleagues at the University of Colorado have discovered a star that just ...

Jan 08, 2014 weblog
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Marine technology inspired by dolphins' speed

According to Gray’s paradox, dolphins swim faster than they should be able to. Since Gray, scientists have discovered flaws in the details of the paradox, although some explanations of these creatures’ ...

Jun 06, 2006 feature
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Hacking the Wii remote for physics class

You might be surprised to know that your Nintendo Wii remote control has a small accelerometer that, until recently, research physicists paid good money to purchase. But the increasing widespread use of acc ...

Jul 24, 2007 feature
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