Chemistry news

Artificial photosynthesis moves a step closer

Jülich scientists have made an important step on the long road to artificially mimicking photosynthesis. They were able to synthesise a stable inorganic metal oxide cluster, which enables the fast and effective oxidation ...

Mar 25, 2008
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Polymer electric storage, flexible and adaptable

( -- The proliferation of solar, wind and even tidal electric generation and the rapid emergence of hybrid electric automobiles demands flexible and reliable methods of high-capacity electrical storage. Now a ...

Aug 20, 2008
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Taxol bristle ball: a wrench in the works for cancer

Rice University chemists have discovered a way to load dozens of molecules of the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel onto tiny gold spheres. The result is a tiny ball, many times smaller than a living cell that literally ...

Sep 12, 2007
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Chemists identify organic molecules that mimic metals

A limitation in using hydrogen as a fuel in hydrogen-powered vehicles is the difficulty involved in storing it in a cost-effective and convenient manner. While it is possible to store hydrogen using metals, the resulting ...

Apr 19, 2007
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