Archive: 9/10/2007

Sony Unveils 4x Blu-Ray Disc Writer Drive

Sony Electronics today announced its second generation internal Blu-ray Disc (BD) writer drive for the computer aftermarket, which boasts 4X BD-R and 16X DVD+R recording speeds.

dateOct 09, 2007 in Hardware
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Cell phone may hurt child's health

Professor Kjell Mild of Sweden's Orbero University said young children are more at risk when using cell phones because of their thinner skulls.

dateOct 09, 2007 in Health
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Jules Verne dry cargo prepared in Turin

Around 180 kg of dry cargo which is to be carried into space on board Jules Verne, the first Automated Transfer Vehicle, is currently undergoing final preparation in Turin, Italy, ahead of shipment to the launch site in Kourou, ...

dateOct 09, 2007 in Space Exploration
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