Archive: 10/9/2007

Astronomers Find Dust in the Wind of Black Holes

The hit song that proclaimed, "All we are is dust in the wind," may have some cosmic truth to it. New findings from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope suggest that space dust – the same stuff that makes up living ...

Oct 09, 2007
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Powders show their strength

[PIC=:left]Growing a single crystal of a protein can be very difficult. Thanks to recent developments, a powder sample may be enough to solve a structure.

Oct 09, 2007
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Sony Unveils 4x Blu-Ray Disc Writer Drive

Sony Electronics today announced its second generation internal Blu-ray Disc (BD) writer drive for the computer aftermarket, which boasts 4X BD-R and 16X DVD+R recording speeds.

Oct 09, 2007
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