Archive: 09/9/2009

Complete Genomics deciphers 14 human genomes

Complete Genomics, a Mountain View, Calif., startup, has announced that it had deciphered 14 full human genomes for customers that include pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and leading medical research institutes, a significant ...

dateSep 09, 2009 in Biotechnology
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Toward a nanomedicine for brain cancer

In an advance toward better treatments for the most serious form of brain cancer, scientists in Illinois are reporting development of the first nanoparticles that seek out and destroy brain cancer cells without ...

dateSep 09, 2009 in Bio & Medicine
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Noisy roads increase risk of high blood pressure

Traffic noise raises blood pressure. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access journal Environmental Health have found that people exposed to high levels of noise from nearby roads are more likely to report suffer ...

dateSep 09, 2009 in Health
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FDA panel backs Glaxo's cervical vaccine for women

(AP) -- Drugmaker Merck likely will face U.S. competition for its vaccine Gardasil, after federal experts recommended rival GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix also be approved to prevent the virus that causes most cervical cancers.

dateSep 09, 2009 in Medications
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