Archive: 09/9/2008

A comet’s tale at Diamond

A new picture of the composition of comets is emerging with the help of 21st century technology available at Diamond, the UK’s national synchrotron light source, in Oxfordshire.

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Researchers survey for rare birds among Mayan ruins

( -- During a trip to the forests of northern Guatemala earlier this year, Cornell natural sounds expert Greg Budney and his cohorts captured the first recording of a Caribbean dove in Guatemala ...

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Asians prefer melting pot neighbourhoods

( -- Asian families prefer to live in cosmopolitan neighbourhoods rather than in segregated communities – according to a report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Charted Institute of Housing.

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Hot tips for the Big Bang

As the world waits for the start of the biggest physics experiment ever undertaken, the Institute of Physics (IOP)’s Chief Executive has taken a punt on three hot tips for what will happen after switch-on of the Large Hadron ...

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