Archive: 08/9/2007

Better mobility keeps seniors healthier

As people lose the ability to walk unaided, they tend to suffer further deterioration that can interfere with other daily living activities. As the U.S. population ages, it becomes increasingly important to identify and target ...

Aug 09, 2007
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Chromatin remodeling complex connected to DNA damage control

When molecular disaster strikes, causing structural damage to DNA, players in two important pathways talk to each other to help contain the wreckage, scientists at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center report ...

Aug 09, 2007
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Rain forest protection works in Peru

A new regional study shows that land-use policies in Peru have been key to tempering rain forest degradation and destruction in that country. Scientists at the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global ...

Aug 09, 2007
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deCODE discovers cause of major subtype of glaucoma

In a paper published today in the journal Science, scientists from deCODE genetics and academic colleagues from the National University Hospital in Reykjavik and Uppsala University in Sweden report the discovery of two co ...

Aug 09, 2007
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Evolution is driven by gene regulation

It is not just what’s in your genes, it’s how you turn them on that accounts for the difference between species — at least in yeast — according to a report by Yale researchers in this week’s issue of Science.

Aug 09, 2007
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