Archive: 12/7/2006

A new approach to growing heart muscle

It looks, contracts and responds almost like natural heart muscle – even though it was grown in the lab. And it brings scientists another step closer to the goal of creating replacement parts for damaged ...

Dec 07, 2006
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Better track leads to new particles

In particle accelerators new particles often arise as a result of collisions between elementary particles. However the track left by these particles is often difficult to trace. Dutch researcher Thijs Cornelissen ...

Dec 07, 2006
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New Targets May Hit Bull’s-Eye for Chip Makers

The bull’s-eye solution to the semiconductor industry’s hunt for more exact means to measure the relative positions of ever-tinier devices squeezed by the millions onto silicon chips might be new types of targets, and ...

Dec 07, 2006
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Ethylene Suggested for Hydrogen Storage

Ethylene, a ho-hum material that is the building block of the most common plastic, might have an exciting future in storing hydrogen, the hoped-for transportation fuel of the future. New research reported by ...

Dec 07, 2006
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Mechanical Motion Used to 'Spin' Atoms in a Gas

For the first time, mechanical motion has been used to make atoms in a gas “spin,” scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology report. The technique eventually might be used in high-performance ...

Dec 07, 2006
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Beautiful politicians win more votes: study

Beautiful politicians win more votes, according to Australian National University research released today that asked an independent group of ‘beauty raters’ to assess the looks of 286 major party candidates who ran in ...

Dec 07, 2006
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New poinsettia for the nontraditionalist

U of I plant scientist Daniel Warnock hopes that one day soon a uniquely marbled pink poinsettia will be available to consumers who like decorating for the holidays with a flare for the unusual. The variety is yet unnamed, ...

Dec 07, 2006
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