Archive: 09/7/2010

Ripples in the cosmic background

( -- The universe was created 13.73 billion years ago in a blaze of light -- the big bang. We also think that, about 380,000 years later, after matter (mostly hydrogen atoms) had cooled enough ...

dateSep 07, 2010 in Astronomy
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New lymphoma treatment shows promise in dogs

Researchers have identified a new target for the treatment of lymphoma and are testing a potential new drug in pet dogs afflicted with the disease. At low doses, the compound, called S-PAC-1, arrested the ...

dateSep 07, 2010 in Cancer
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Researchers find diet-induced obesity accelerates leukemia

The first study to demonstrate that obesity can directly accelerate the progression of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) has been conducted at The Saban Research Institute of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and will be published ...

dateSep 07, 2010 in Cancer
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What swims beneath -- and what doesn't

( -- Several times over the last four summers, Rutgers marine scientists have combined high and low technology to answer a straightforward scientific question: How do the fish in a big urban estuary ...

dateSep 07, 2010 in Ecology
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