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Scientists develop 'clever' artificial hand

Scientists have developed a new ultra-light limb that can mimic the movement in a real hand better than any currently available. This research was presented today at the Institute of Physics conference Sensors and their Applications ...

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Water detection at Gusev crater described

Chemical proof for two wet scenarios A large team of NASA scientists, led by earth and planetary scientists at Washington University in St. Louis details the first solid set of evidence for water having exis ...

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Method slashes quantum dot costs by 80 percent

Rice scientists replace pricey solvents with cheap processing fluids In an important advance toward the large-scale manufacture of fluorescent quantum dots, scientists at Rice University have developed a new method of repla ...

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New Solar Underwater Robot Technology

A new solar-powered underwater robot technology developed for undersea observation and water monitoring will be showcased at a Sept. 16 workshop on leading-edge robotics to be held at the National Science Foundation ...

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Study suggests simple way to make near-perfect lenses

A new study from the University of Edinburgh and Pennsylvania State University suggests a smart solution to one of the biggest challenges facing the optics and electromagnetics sector – how to produce near-perfect lenses ...

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Podcasting book hits bookstores

Stephanie Ciccarelli announced Tuesday the release of her ook, "ThePodcastingEbook: Your Complete Guide to Podcasting." Main features include how to create, record, publish and promote a podcast. Readers will also find val ...

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