Archive: 08/7/2007

Motorola Unveils MOTOMAGX Mobile Linux Platform

Motorola, Inc. today announced a significant step in its commitment to mobile Linux and rich experience creation by introducing MOTOMAGX, its next generation mobile Linux platform. Building on success of Motorola's earlier ...

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Why nectar-feeding bats need a 'power drink' to fly

Nectar-feeding bats burn sugar faster than any other mammal on Earth – and three times faster than even top-class athletes – ecologists have discovered. The findings, published online in the British Ecological Society's ...

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In limiting life span, study finds booming bacteria innocent

Aging flies are simply crawling with bacteria—both inside and out—but their microbial infestations don’t seem to hasten the insects toward death, according to a new study in the August issue of the journal Cell Metabolism, a publ ...

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