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Uncertainties prevail over human health benefits of polyphenols

Despite scores of studies documenting the effects of healthful plant nutrients called polyphenols in protecting nerves from damage, it would be "unwise" to assume that the same protective effects occur for Alzheimer's disease ...

dateJul 07, 2008 in
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Special horseshoes measure acceleration in horses

The most frequent injuries that horses suffer are derived from pressure exerted by riders, and knowing which forces are involved when horses move can prove highly informative when considering treatment for such injuries.

dateJul 07, 2008 in Other
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Cancer therapies from the ocean?

Scientists from Aberdeen, Luxembourg and the South Pacific have studied the properties of natural products derived from animals found in Fijian waters, and shown that not only may certain compounds have potential use in anti-cancer ...

dateJul 07, 2008 in Cancer
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