Archive: 07/7/2008

Baseball diamonds: the lefthander's best friend

Baseball diamonds are a left-hander's best friend. That's because the game was designed to make a lefty the "Natural," according to David A. Peters, Ph.D., the McDonnell Douglas Professor of Engineering at Washington University ...

Jul 07, 2008 4.1 / 5 (26) 1

Can you hear me now?

When it comes to cellular communication networks, a primitive single-celled microbe that answers to the name of Monosiga brevicollis has a leg up on animals composed of billions of cells. It commands a signaling ...

Jul 07, 2008 4.8 / 5 (20) 2

New insight to demineralization

From toothpaste to technology, noncrystalline or amorphous silica is an active ingredient in a myriad of products that we use in our daily lives. As a minor, but essential component of vertebrate bone, an understanding of ...

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