Archive: 06/7/2010

Chemist refines treatment of prostate cancer with light

There's more than one way to kill a cancer cell. Cliff Berkman is working on a better way -- one that specifically targets prostate cancer cells and causes a type of natural death that spares surrounding tissues ...

dateJun 07, 2010 in Cancer
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Google denies use of private data for mapping

(AP) -- Google representatives on Monday said the search engine company has not broken any laws with the collection of data for its mapping service, after Connecticut's attorney general pressed the company to "come clean ...

dateJun 07, 2010 in Internet
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Follow the (Robotic) Leader (w/ Video)

( -- Artificial intelligence? Done. Artificial leadership? Its origins may well be in the fish tanks and the algorithms in Maurizio Porfiri’s Brooklyn laboratories at Polytechnic Institute of ...

dateJun 07, 2010 in Plants & Animals
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