Archive: 03/7/2006

Dissertation explores sex and the Internet

A dissertation from Malmo University College in Sweden posits the Internet has created a space where people can experiment with their sexuality.

Mar 07, 2006
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Petacache: Use that Memory

For decades, high energy experimental physicists have struggled with a fundamental problem: they simply have too much data to analyze quickly and in its entirety.

Mar 07, 2006
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Study: Mona Lisa neither man nor da Vinci

A University of Illinois scientist says Mona Lisa probably wasn't a man, and it's even more unlikely it was a self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci.

Mar 07, 2006
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Zogby poll on evolution is released

A poll by Zogby International reportedly shows most Americans support public school teachers presenting evolution and intelligent design theories.

Mar 07, 2006
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Study: Olive oil fed 2,000 B.C. foundries

Italian scientists have reportedly discovered the Mediterranean's first foundries were fueled by olive oil and not, as previously believed, by charcoal.

Mar 07, 2006
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Elpida Intros New 1 Gigabit DDR2 SDRAMs

Elpida Memory today announced the availability of its second-generation 1 Gigabit DDR2 SDRAMs and six memory modules based on the new devices.

Mar 07, 2006
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Intel Discloses Details of Intel Core Microarchitecture

Intel Corporation today disclosed details of its forthcoming Intel Core microarchitecture, a new industry–leading foundation for Intel's multi–core server, desktop and mobile processors for computers later ...

Mar 07, 2006
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Kurdish family walks on all fours

Five members of a Kurdish family in Turkey, who can only walk naturally on all fours, are being hailed as a unique insight into human evolution.

Mar 07, 2006
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Love on the information suitor highway

Angie Vasconcellos started dating online two years ago before she moved to Arizona but broke off the relationship before it got too serious.

Mar 07, 2006
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iVillage wins big from NBC buyout

As venerable as NBC Universal may be with its vast empire of television and film networks, it is still not beyond buying out smaller, niche Internet companies catering to a targeted audience for a sizeable price tag.

Mar 07, 2006
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Interview: Alienware's gaming challenge

Childhood friends and Alienware co-founders Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila never thought their love for computer games would lead to a place out of this world. Together, they have nurtured Alienware to become a major manufacturer ...

Mar 07, 2006
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Bats Have Complex Skills to Deal with 'Clutter'

A little clutter on the way to the refrigerator might mean taking a few extra seconds to navigate your way to a late night snack. For a bat flying around in the dark searching for a meal of insects, the “clutter” ...

Mar 07, 2006
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