Archive: 02/7/2006

Council wants youths to think spatially

The National Research Council in Washington is urging educators to teach K-12 students to think spatially, using geographic information systems.

Feb 07, 2006
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Scientists discover exactly how bats fly

University of Maryland scientists using infrared cameras and ultrasonic microphones have found exactly how a bat moves in response to sound.

Feb 07, 2006
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Gulf of Maine groundfish trawling studied

University of Maine scientists say they have completed a long-term study of the effects of groundfish trawling on the sea floor of the Gulf of Maine.

Feb 07, 2006
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Hubble Snaps Images of a Pinwheel-Shaped Galaxy

Looking like a child's pinwheel ready to be set a spinning by a gentle breeze, this dramatic spiral galaxy is one of the latest viewed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Stunning details of the face-on spiral ...

Feb 07, 2006
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Sonar monitors California squid fishery

California's $30-million-a-year squid industry has quadrupled during the past decade and now scientists are using sonar to assess squid stocks.

Feb 07, 2006
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Briefs: Realnetworks acquires Euro game company

The Seattle company behind the familiar Real Player made a major move in the online games sector Tuesday with the acquisition of Dutch developer Zylom Media.

Feb 07, 2006
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Scientists Sequence Complete Genome of Woolly Mammoth

Scientists have completed the oldest mitochondrial genome sequence from the 33,000-year-old remains of a woolly mammoth; results show mammoths and Asian elephants are a sister species that diverged soon after ...

Feb 07, 2006
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Toshiba and NEC Develop World's Fastest, Highest Density MRAM

Toshiba Corporation and NEC Corporation today announced that they have developed a magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) that combines the highest density with the fastest read and write speed yet achieved. ...

Feb 07, 2006
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Sonae bid wobbles Portugal Telecom outlook

Sonae's unsolicited bid for Portugal Telecom was seen in a somewhat dim light by financial analysts who feared the telco could be saddled with unwelcome debt.

Feb 07, 2006
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