Archive: 11/6/2006

Green Plants Share Bacterial Toxin

A toxin that can make bacterial infections turn deadly is also found in higher plants, researchers at UC Davis, the Marine Biology Laboratory at Woods Hole, Mass. and the University of Nebraska have found. ...

Nov 06, 2006 3 / 5 (4) 0

BaBar Steadies Omega-minus Spin

If you snatch a copy of the Particle Data Book from your colleague's back pocket and flip to the entry for the Omega-minus particle, you'll see that the very first line says the spin is "not yet measured." ...

Nov 06, 2006 4.3 / 5 (12) 0

Scientists Crack Rhino Horn Riddle

Rhinoceros horns have long been objects of mythological beliefs. Some cultures prize them for their supposed magical or medicinal qualities. Others have used them as dagger handles or good luck charms. But ...

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