Archive: 09/6/2006

Researchers Announce Invention of the c Microscope

The old optical microscopes that everyone used in high-school biology class may be a step closer to the glass heap. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have announced their invention of an optofluidic microscope ...

dateSep 06, 2006 in Engineering
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New trigger found for volcanic eruptions

New insights into what might trigger the eruption of Mount St Helens and other potentially explosive volcanoes are reported today in Nature by scientists working at the University of Bristol, UK.

dateSep 06, 2006 in Earth Sciences
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Container transport on a nano scale

Lock one or more molecules up within a cage of nanometer dimensions. Take this ‘nanocontainer’ to the desired spot and free the molecules. Or keep them locked up for a while and introduce other molecules into the container, ...

dateSep 06, 2006 in Nanomaterials
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AIDS Vaccine Progress Published in Virology

A University of Kansas School of Medicine researcher’s success developing an AIDS vaccine was reported in the August issue of the peer-reviewed journal Virology. Opendra Narayan, DVM, PhD, and his collaborators have succes ...

dateSep 06, 2006 in
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