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Floss your teeth -- on the double!

In dental offices all over the world, patients are often told they are not flossing enough or instructed to floss more. As the old saying goes, you only need to floss the teeth you want to keep. After all, not flossing regularly ...

dateAug 06, 2008 in Health
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The Schiavo case: Are mass media to be blamed?

In 1990, Theresa Schiavo, an American citizen, had a cardiac arrest that caused irreversible brain damage which led to a persistent vegetative state diagnosis. A few years later, this diagnosis became a source of conflict ...

dateAug 06, 2008 in Other
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Improved Reaction Data Heat Up the Biofuels Harvest

High food prices, concern over dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and the desire for clean, renewable energy have led many to seek ways to make ethanol out of cellulosic sources such as wood, hay and switchgrass. But today’s ...

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Carbon dioxide poses risk to marine life survival

( -- Climate change and the subsequent acidification of the world's oceans will significantly reduce the successful fertilisation of certain marine species by the year 2100, an international team of biological ...

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