Archive: 07/6/2007

Critics attack Bush wildlife record

Critics of the Bush administration's policies on wildlife protection say the endangered species list is itself endangered.

Jul 06, 2007
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Skinny gray whales swim Pacific Coast

An unusually high number of skinny gray whales are being seen from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest, it was reported Friday.

Jul 06, 2007
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Black widows invade Romanian shore

Hotter temperatures may have spawned an invasion of black widow spiders this summer on Romania's sea shore.

Jul 06, 2007
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When is a worm not a worm? When it’s a jellyfish...

One of the world’s strangest creatures has found its long-lost kin. Oxford University scientists have discovered that an extremely rare gutless worm is related to sea anemones and jellyfish, rather than ...

Jul 06, 2007
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Team builds viruses to combat harmful 'biofilms'

In one of the first potential applications of synthetic biology, an emerging field that aims to design and build useful biomolecular systems, researchers from MIT and Boston University are engineering viruses ...

Jul 06, 2007
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Eurobot makes a splash

Many of the best-loved science fiction movies show intelligent robotic servants working alongside their masters. Fiction is rapidly becoming fact as European engineers develop increasingly sophisticated machines ...

Jul 06, 2007
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Research suggests fitness reduces inflammation

Although a number of studies have suggested that regular exercise reduces inflammation – a condition that is predictive of cardiovascular and other diseases, such as diabetes – it is still not clear whether there is a ...

Jul 06, 2007
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