Archive: 6/06/2012

Fuel cells operating directly on ethanol

( -- Researchers at the Center for Energy Research at UC San Diego recently demonstrated the best performance for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) operating directly on ethanol without external reformation. The work ...

dateJun 06, 2012 in Energy & Green Tech
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Far-flung dung beetles here to 'finish the job'

Specially chosen for their spring frenzy and voracious appetite for dung, two new species of European dung beetles have arrived in Australia to improve cattle pastures and finish off a job well started through more than 40 ...

dateJun 06, 2012 in Ecology
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Smooth moves: How space animates Hollywood

( -- If you’ve been to see Wrath of the Titans, then you’ve watched it in action. A computer programmer is using software he developed to control spacecraft to help animators make more realistic computer ...

dateJun 06, 2012 in Computer Sciences
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