Archive: 06/6/2007

Blocking beta1-integrin to treat cancer

Targeting the function of a protein known as beta1-integrin might represent a novel approach to cancer treatment, according to a paper published online in The EMBO Journal this week. Blocking the action of this protein could ...

Jun 06, 2007
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Why female deer like a stag to be a big noise in the forest

Impressive antlers may be the most eye-catching attribute of the male red deer, but it's the quality of a stag's mating call that attracts the female of the species, a new study from the University of Sussex, ...

Jun 06, 2007
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Students take Porsche to electric avenue

For the past six months a team of MIT students has spent hundreds of hours--many late at night--converting a sleek Porsche 914 into an electric vehicle. Their goal? To demonstrate the viability of advanced ...

Jun 06, 2007
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