Archive: 05/6/2010

TED Talks take to TV

Thought-sparking TED talks that have won legions of followers on the Internet are spreading to television stations around the world.

May 06, 2010
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New nerve cells -- even in old age

After birth the brain looses many nerve cells and this continues throughout life - most neurons are formed before birth, after which many excess neurons degenerate. However, there are some cells that are still ...

May 06, 2010
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Lake-bed trails tell ancient fish story

The wavy lines and squiggles etched into a slab of limestone found near Fossil Butte National Monument are prehistoric fish trails, made by Notogoneus osculus as it fed along a lake bottom, says Emory Univer ...

May 06, 2010
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Nokia plans new devices to catch up with rivals

(AP) -- Nokia Corp. will launch new smart phones to "help close the gap" with competitors that have overtaken the world's top cell phone maker in the market for high-end devices, its chief executive said Thursday.

May 06, 2010
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Herschel reveals the hidden side of star birth

The first scientific results from ESA's Herschel infrared space observatory are revealing previously hidden details of star formation. New images show thousands of distant galaxies furiously building stars ...

May 06, 2010
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