Archive: 04/6/2006

Power of speech drives military vehicles

Speech recognition specialist VoxGen has been selected to add speech interface technology to a system, developed for the Department of Defense by Rochester Institute of Technology, which provides for effective maintenance, ...

Apr 06, 2006
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Swift Observes An Unusual Bang In The Far Universe

Almost 40 years have passed since top secret nuclear weapon warning satellites accidentally discovered bursts of high energy gamma rays coming from space. Although many thousands of gamma ray bursts (GRBs) have since been ...

Apr 06, 2006
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Plants used to detect gas leaks, from outer space!

Gas leaks can be potentially life threatening in the home, but the presence of gas stresses out plants too. Professor Mike Steven and colleagues from the University of Nottingham have found that changes in ...

Apr 06, 2006
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Mankind benefits from eating less meat

If people were to eat more vegetable proteins instead of animal proteins, this would result in multiple – and much-needed – benefits. Such a 'protein transition' will positively affect sustainable energy production, sustainable ...

Apr 06, 2006
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Cell respiration process is identified

University of Helsinki scientists have identified an internal electron transfer reaction that starts the proton pump mechanism of the respiratory enzyme.

Apr 06, 2006
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Proto supermassive binary black hole detected in X-rays

An international team of astronomers led by D. Hudson from the University of Bonn has detected a proto supermassive binary black hole in images of NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory. They found that these two black holes are ...

Apr 06, 2006
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Drug usage down among teens

A national survey on drug and alcohol use has found that drug use by teens is on the decline with the Midwest and South leading the trend.

Apr 06, 2006
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Scientific misbehavior may be commonplace

A University of Michigan study suggests the competitive nature of research might be fostering an environment in which scientific misbehavior often occurs.

Apr 06, 2006
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Semiconductor companies spar over patent

Semiconductor technology firm Nanometrics Inc. this week sued competitor Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. in a California court for patent infringement.

Apr 06, 2006
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