Archive: 6/03/2008

Laser remote makes watching TV even lazier

Modern-day remote controls can be complicated. But, thankfully, researchers are making TV the relaxing, mindless pastime that it was always intended to be with a new easy-to-use remote control. The controller is a laser pointer, ...

dateMar 06, 2008 in Engineering feature
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Smoking doesn't make you happy

If you are planning to ignore the messages of national No Smoking Day on 12th March by claiming that smoking is one of the few pleasures left to you, then recent research from the Peninsula Medical School in the South West ...

dateMar 06, 2008 in Health
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Refining the science of public opinion polling

Nancy Mathiowetz has been busy tracking hundreds of public opinion surveys this year, detailing everything from pre-election polls to consumer confidence. She admits she is usually “drowning in data.”

dateMar 06, 2008 in Other
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