Archive: 03/6/2007

Researchers Decipher The Buzzing Of Bees

Everyone has heard of the canary in the coal mine, which sways or drops dead in the presence of poisonous gas, alerting miners to get out. Now a University of Montana research team has learned to understand ...

Mar 06, 2007
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841-pound woman dies of heart attack

The woman who is believed to be the largest ever to have gastric bypass surgery, at 841 pounds, died of a massive heart attack in Houston, Texas.

Mar 06, 2007
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The social life of honeybees coordinated by a single gene

Students of the evolution of social behavior got a big boost with the publication of the newly sequenced honeybee genome in October 2006. The honeybee (Apis mellifera) belongs to the rarified cadre of insects ...

Mar 06, 2007
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