Archive: 5/05/2010

In Europe, bison find plenty of room to roam

( -- The European bison, a close relative of the American bison, has been on a slow road to recovery for almost a century. Europe's largest grazing animal once dwelled from central Russia to Spain, but by the ...

dateMay 05, 2010 in Ecology
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Helping spinal injury patients move forward

( -- When UC Irvine physician Dr. Suzy Kim arrives bedside in her wheelchair, patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries see a rolling testament to the power of early and intensive rehabilitation.

dateMay 05, 2010 in Health
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New York City security may be underfunded

New budget allocation models developed at Northwestern University suggest that New York City appears underfunded for protection against terrorist threats. The study also shows Chicago as underfunded while Los Angeles appears ...

dateMay 05, 2010 in Economics & Business
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