Archive: 05/5/2006

'Rice camp' shows teens the grain is now

While millions of people in Southeast Asia depend on rice, the grain is attracting few young people as either farmers or scientists.

May 05, 2006
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Wireless World: What women want

Every year U.S. women spend $5 billion on magazines, movies and other lifestyle "content." Now, marketing experts tell UPI's Wireless World, the mobile-phone industry is eyeing the women's market as a new niche, hoping to ...

May 05, 2006
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W. Va. leads nation, A in school tech

West Virginia leads the nation with an "A" in school technology, according to a recent study from Education Week. But as a whole, the nation received a "C-."

May 05, 2006
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First Look at the 'Birth' of a Retina Cell

Scientists at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center have gained new insight into the way an embryonic retina cell develops and then commits itself to a specific role. They have observed a small window of opportunity ...

May 05, 2006
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Elders' ability to walk predicts future health outcomes

As people age into their 70s, their ability to walk a quarter mile becomes an important predictor of overall health and even how long they might live, according to study findings published in this week’s Journal of the Am ...

May 05, 2006
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