Archive: 11/4/2010

Village ravaged by cancer in Turkey's Cappadocia

(AP) -- The caves, rock houses and fantastical stone formations in Turkey's Cappadocia draw tourists from around the world. Nestled among the natural wonders, however, lies a village where the earth is believed ...

Nov 04, 2010
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Study: CT scans modestly cut lung cancer deaths

(AP) -- A special type of CT scan can detect lung cancer early enough to save some lives, the National Cancer Institute announced Thursday - the first evidence that a screening test may help fight the nation's top cancer ...

Nov 04, 2010
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New propulsion system for micro-objects

A new propulsion method for metallic micro- and nano-objects has been developed by French researchers from the Institute of Molecular Sciences. The process is based on the novel concept of bipolar electrochemistry: ...

Nov 04, 2010
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