Archive: 08/4/2008

Rosetta starts tracking asteroid Steins

( -- Heading toward its first target-asteroid, (2867) Steins, ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has started using its cameras to visually track the asteroid and eventually determine its orbit with more ...

Aug 04, 2008
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1 in 10 children using cough, cold medications

Researchers from Boston University's Slone Epidemiology Center have found that approximately one in ten U.S. children uses one or more cough and cold medications during a given week. These findings appear in the August issue ...

Aug 04, 2008
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Tevatron experiments double-team Higgs boson

Scientists from the CDF and DZero collaborations at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermilab have combined Tevatron data from the two experiments to advance the quest for the long-sought Higgs boson. Their ...

Aug 04, 2008
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Electronic tongue tastes wine variety, vintage

You don't need a wine expert to identify a '74 Pinot Noir from Burgundy โ€“ a handheld "electronic tongue" devised by European scientists will tell you the grape variety and vintage at the press of a button.

Aug 04, 2008
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The school bully -- does it run in the family?

A shove, a taunt or name-calling on the playground or in the hall, away from the eyesight, earshot and authority of the teacher โ€“ childhood bullying can involve physical contact, spreading rumors and other negative behaviors ...

Aug 04, 2008
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