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1 in 10 children using cough, cold medications

Researchers from Boston University's Slone Epidemiology Center have found that approximately one in ten U.S. children uses one or more cough and cold medications during a given week. These findings appear in the August issue ...

dateAug 04, 2008 in Medications
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The school bully -- does it run in the family?

A shove, a taunt or name-calling on the playground or in the hall, away from the eyesight, earshot and authority of the teacher – childhood bullying can involve physical contact, spreading rumors and other negative behaviors ...

dateAug 04, 2008 in Other
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Climate change and species distributions

Scientists have long pointed to physical changes in the Earth and its atmosphere, such as melting polar ice caps, sea level rise and violent storms, as indicators of global climate change. But changes in climate can wreak ...

dateAug 04, 2008 in Environment
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First national study of diving-related injuries

If it's at the Olympic Games or at the neighborhood pool, diving is one of the fastest growing sports in this country. Every day millions of people do it and every four years during the Olympics, billions of people watch ...

dateAug 04, 2008 in Health
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