Archive: 04/4/2007

U.S. rejects three stem cell patents

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a preliminary rejection of three stem cell patents held by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Apr 04, 2007
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Therapy is not one size fits all

The new school of thought is that there is not just one correct school of thought when it comes to counseling people. In actual practice, therapists mix theories and methods in order to produce best practices for helping ...

Apr 04, 2007
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Measuring the brain's 'rich switch'

Economists have postulated that people’s perception of the value of financial gains decreases as they become richer, but scientists have not really been able to measure this change in “marginal utility” in the laboratory… ...

Apr 04, 2007
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Intel Offers vPro for Laptops

Just a few weeks after Intel announced the new features of its vPro technology for desktops, the chip maker announces that it will offer the platform for business notebooks.

Apr 04, 2007
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A Physicist's Guide to Texas Hold 'Em

( -- What are the odds that poker can be explained by statistical physics, much the same as a variety of other complex systems? They’re pretty good, according to physicist Clément Sire ...

Apr 04, 2007 feature
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Dust clouds in cosmic cycle

It has been a mystery for astronomers how certain dying stars have their colossal quantities of material blown out into the universe and shrink into objects called "white dwarves". This is the basis of a ground-breaking ...

Apr 04, 2007
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Fighting for their attention

Mating strategies are straightforward in bottlenose dolphins, or are they? Much of the work carried on male-female relationships in that species to date show that males tend to coerce females who are left with ...

Apr 04, 2007
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Flies don't buzz about aimlessly!

How you ever stopped to wonder how a fruit fly is able to locate and blissfully drown in your wine glass on a warm summer evening, especially since its flight path seems to be so erratic? Mark Frye at the University of California ...

Apr 04, 2007
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